Monday, September 20, 2010

Rest your oars Shipmate - We will not forget your service to our great Navy and nation

Matthew O'Bryant graduated from Theodore High School in 2004 as a full cadet colonel in the Army Junior ROTC. In 2007, he joined the Navy and became a Cryptologic Technician Maintenance (CTM).

Petty Officer Matthew O’Bryant and his wife of two years, Bridgette, whom he met at a youth revival in high school, moved to Fort Meade, Md., where he was stationed.

In 2008, he was in Islamabad, Pakistan, where there had been a bombing at the Marriott Hotel on September 20, 2008. Barbara and Tommy O’Bryant were notified the next morning that their 22-year-old son was killed in the bombing. His funeral service was September 29, 2008 at Calvary Assembly of God in Mobile where he attended church growing up and worked with the children’s church. He is buried at Serenity Memorial Gardens in Theodore, Alabama.


Anonymous said...

Even though I am an Officer and Matt was enlisted, I will call him a friend. He always had a laugh during PT, the only time I interacted with him. God bless him. . .

Anonymous said...

Used to car pool with Matt to Partners in Education. Quiet guy, but pretty cool. I went to a different department, lost contact with him, never even knew he got deployed. I don't think I'll ever forget the day I found out some coward murdered him.

I was on the trip to the white house with him when that picture was taken, the one you have was taken about 30 seconds before this one;