Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another valiant Cryptologic Technician has given his life in the service of his country

CTRCS (SW/FMF) David B. McLendon was a Navy cryptologic technician assigned to an east coast Naval Special Warfare unit. He entered the Navy in 1998 and reported to Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, Illinois. In September of 1998, McLendon attended “CTR” A school at Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida. During his 12-year Navy career, McLendon served at various Navy commands in Norfolk, Va., Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Brunswick, Maine. His fellow service members said they remember McLendon as a consummate Navy professional. CTRCS McLendon is survived by his loving wife and parents.

From RADM Ned Deets, Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command:

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 Subject: Update on CTRCS McLendon Services

All, Request widest dissemination please:

Senior McLendon's interment will take place this Friday (1 October 2010) in Thomasville, GA, about 75 mins north of Tallahassee, FL.  Tim (Bovill) will send the time and lift info (if avail) as soon as he gets it from Group 2.  There will be a memorial service between 5 and 8 Oct on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek/Fort Story.  Date and time sepcor.  A tragic loss of a courageous warrior and his shipmates in the middle of tactical infiltration.

KIA CTRCS David B. McLendon, USN, Active Duty.  While conducting operations in the vicinity of Ayattala Village in order to disrupt insurgent safe havens in Deh Chopan District and degrade insurgent freedom of movement within Zabul Province, the helicopter (UH-60 Black Hawk) the service member was aboard crashed on infiltration.  NOK notification complete.  CMD:  CNSWG 2 SUPPORT ACTIVITY TWO.

Best and v/r, Ned

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