Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year !

What will 2020 bring?  What will you bring to 2020?

As much as things change, so many things remain the same.  This was my post from 2008.  Twelve years later, it's still true.

Baggage - lots of it

Let me say that I am carrying a lot of Navy baggage. I remain connected to the Navy from my very first day at the MEPS in St Louis, Missouri. Carry that through bootcamp in San Diego, California and a succession of great assignments in the Navy (Monterey, CA; San Angelo, TX, Misawa, JA; Newport, RI, San Diego, CA; Atsugi, JA; Barbers Pt, HI; Monterey, CA; Washington DC; Yokosuka, JA; Corry Station, FL and Washington DC). I can't let any of it go. I carry memories, lessons learned and friendships from each command with me to this very day. I can honestly say that I have maintained contact with a Shipmate from each and every place I have been. You can't let that baggage go.