Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FY11 IDC Command and Leadership Screen Board next week 14-17 September 2010

In an effort to create a credible and consistent process for selecting senior leaders for key assignments across the IDC, Navy Personnel Command, your community leaders, and I have established a formal screen board to select the best and fully qualified officers for these positions. NPC will hold the first IDC Command and Leadership Screen Board from 14-17 September 2010, which will consist of the following 12 panels:
  • Information Professional: O6 Command, O5 Command, O6 Operational Leadership, 05 Operational Leadership
  • Intelligence: O6 Command, O5 Command, O5 Operational Leadership
  • Information Warfare: O6 Command, O5 Command, O5 Executive Officer
  • Oceanography: O6 Command, O5 Command/Command Equivalent
Membership of the board will consist of a Flag Officer from each IDC community who will sit as a core voting member on all panels. Additionally, three to four Captains from each community will serve as voting members on their respective panels.

From Vice Admiral Jack Dorsett's personal note to the Information Dominance Corps.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the IDC Command and Leadership screening board goes more smoothly than the IDC Warfare Qual grandfathering process...