Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hostile Intent

The determination of hostile intent is the single most difficult decision that a commander has to make in peacetime.

— Admiral Frank Kelso

There is no better provider of information about hostile intent than a cryptologic technician interpretive (CTI).

— CTIC(NAC) Robert E. Maguire


s said...

Assuming the Chief is correct (and as a former CTI, I like to think he is), making that call would arguably be the most stressful decision an interpreter would make in his career. I certainly don't envy the person who has to make it.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this our Bob Maquire who retired as an LDO Lieutenant Commander.

He's one who know of what he speaks.

"s" may not envy the person making the call, but it is what it is. You heart it, you recognize it, you report it.

s said...

"You heard it. You recognize it. You report it." -- All are certainly words any CTI worth his salt lives by. My point is that, even if you're dead right, it's a difficult call to make. But that's where training and professionalism come in.

LCDR Bob Morrison said...

Not only is it a hard call to make, but in many, if not most cases, the operator making the initial call is fairly junior (3rd or 2nd Class)with no more than 4-5 years experience at the position. That our operators are able to successfully do so is a testament to their motivation, training, and senior enlisted leadership.