Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Route To A Better Navy

The route to a better Navy is not found by painting the smiley face bigger. Or by clapping louder. Honesty, honor and willingness to take a frank evaluation are the only ways to improve the Navy.

If that’s too hard, or you’re a star and have trouble digesting my sentiment, then get out of my service. Find employment at a next-gen Enron or something. It’ll pay better.

If this disgusts you, I invite you to call Congress.



Anonymous said...

Yeah! A lino to a liberal military affairs blogger...with links to others. You are truly ecumenical:-)

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I am not too sure that the previous comment has anything to do with the average Bluejacket that is looking for competent leadership in the Officers of his/her command. He/she is only hoping to be given only understandable commands and directives and not babble which is misunderstood by all hands.