Monday, March 30, 2009

Living in blissful ignorance

"Most of us, most of the time, live in blissful ignorance of what a small, elite, heroic group of Americans are doing for us night and day. As we speak, all over the globe, American Sailors, submariners and aviators are doing something very dangerous. 'People say, Well, it can't be too dangerous because there are no wrecks.'

But the reason we don't have more accidents is that these are superb professionals; the fact that they master the dangers does not mean that the dangers aren't real. Right now, somewhere around the world, young men (and women) are landing … aircraft on … pitching decks … at night! You can't pay people to do that: they do it out of love of country, of adventure, of the challenge. We all benefit from it, and the very fact that we don't have to think about it tells you how superbly they're doing their job -- living on the edge of dangers so the rest of us need not think about, let alone experience, danger."

~ George Will, ABC News Commentator

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Mr. George Will made some good remarks about the Navy and some of the dangers involved, but his knowledge is very limited, every one is aware of the Aircraft Carrier and its job, and he did credit that ship and her personnel for the dangers they live with. He also mentioned the Submarine but did not elaborate. All Sailors at sea, and even those in port, face tremendous danger in their every day life. Ponder the USS Cole, the USS Scorpion, the USS Pueblo, the USS Liberty, the USS Indianapolis, or the USS Maine and you might have some understanding of what danger a Sailor might face. But if you have never served on a United States Ship you can only give them lip service and have no idea of the real danger.

Very Respectfully,