Friday, March 6, 2009

Information Warfare Slate - What is it?

From the FAQ on Naval Personnel Command's Information Warfare page.

Webster's dictionary defines "slate" as: "A list of candidates for nomination or election." Which is exactly what we mean when we say "that billet is on the slate" or "I will put your name on the slate."

The "Slate" is a list of candidates that are being proposed by the detailer to the flag deck to fill key Information Warfare Officer community billets. There are two slates, the "LCDR slate" and the "CDR/CAPT slate." The "slate" is typically forwarded and briefed to the flag deck twice a year. If you want to be considered for a "slate" job, you need to contact the detailer early; Approximately 18 months prior to the fill date for the billet you want to be considered for or 18 months prior to the incumbent's PRD, if you are looking at the Information Warfare Officer List (IWOL).

Typical billets that are on the "slate" are: CO/XO, Afloat staffs IWO (CRC, DIWC), Major Staffs (NPC, OPNAV, NNWC, COCOMs), Key # Flt Staff billets, Key joint billets.

"The Slate" is the place to be. You have got to get on it !

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