Sunday, June 21, 2009

Want to be a better Naval officer?

Study Army leadership. Lessons are available here.


Nutz said...

As a former Army officer (ROTC) I am proud of the fact that I studied and practiced leadership as a company grade officer before transferring to the Navy. (Inter service transfer)It is my general observation that naval officers are poor leaders of men and are afraid to stand up for their beliefs for fear of getting "politically black balled". I fear this is a cultural thing within the navy and will not be easily changed. Too much emphasis is placed on being the number 1 EP for forward progression vice doing the best job possible, taking care of your sailors and letting the "cards" fall where they may.
I have heard too many stories from good naval officers who have been "shot" because even though they have earned the #1 slot through hard work but might not have the correct "background" for forward progression receive a lesser fitness report. The army sees through the politics and rewards the performers not the players. Patton was a prime example. “Constantly in trouble for vulgar language, and a myriad of run ins with the leadership, Patton almost always got results and continued to advance. “The performance of troops in battle ultimately depended on the quality of leadership given to them." BLUF Do the best job that you can and protect and train your troops. The best reward is when a soldier whom you may have forgotten recognizes you in a parking lot and says “Thank You.”

Mike Lambert said...

Thanks for your comment and for reading. I have served with some great Army leaders while in the Navy. My last job was working for the current Secretary of the Army and the LTG who just retired from DIA. Both were AWESOME leaders.