Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Hear You...But I Don't Know If I Can Believe You.

You are immediately placed in a position where you are given the chance to make a positive impact both on the Navy and on the global community, a chance to defend the country. Take advantage of that opportunity, and make sure the lives of the Sailors around you and in the boat are improved by your presence. —Lt. Nicholas E. Saflund, USS Cheyenne (SSN-773)
"Junior officers are the future of the military and the future of the nation's security. How they are grown in the service is the key to the military's success.

If you break their will, extinguish their passion, or squelch their dreams, you will be taking something that does not belong to you. They want responsibility. They want the chance to make good and to do good. They want you to care – not for them, but about them.

They may be tired, but they are wise beyond their years. It's up to us to keep as much of that wisdom as we can inside the institution, where we need it most. Their decision to stay or leave is a matter of national security."

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to National Defense University graduates on June 11, 2009

These words must be followed with actions that demonstrate the truth in those words. What actions will we see from the Chairman and senior leadership to give those words meaning? Words have meaning; actions have consequences.

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