Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flag Officer Competencies - For Those of You On the Rise

Leading Change
  • Skill in creating, communicating, and executing a strategic vision that will impact the future of the Navy and the Nation.
  • Skill in linking innovative and strategic thinking in my command or organization to Navy and National strategies.
  • Skill in demonstrating external awareness of world and national affairs that impact the Navy’s strategic vision.
  • Skill in exercising flexibility to stimulate process development,evaluate new ideas, and achieve Navy Vision.
  • Skill in providing clear guidance on expectations, achieving results, risk management, and mission accomplishment.
  • Ability to engage in continual learning opportunities to master new knowledge, pursue self-development, and grasp new information.
Leading People
  • Skill in motivating, inspiring, and mentoring military personnel through a positive attitude, enthusiastic leadership, and ethical behavior.
  • Skill in motivating, inspiring, and mentoring civilian personnel (DoD and contractors) through a positive attitude, enthusiastic leadership, and ethical behavior.
  • Skill in leading by professional example to promote team building and personnel development.
  • Skill in managing conflict in a crisis by identifying potential situations that could result in unpleasant confrontations.
  • Skill in managing conflict in a combat or wartime situation to maximize force effectiveness and enhance mission accomplishment.
  • Skill in leveraging an ethnically and culturally diverse workforce to improve working environment and capitalize on achievements of each individual.
Stewarding Resources
  • Comprehensive knowledge of and effective use of the Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System (PPBS).
  • Proficiency in leveraging technology to enhance business acumen and skills, developing assessment processes, and analyzing alternatives.
  • Broad understanding of principals of financial management and marketing sufficient to ensure appropriate funding and prioritization.
  • Ability to assess current and future human resources and staffing requirements based on organizational goals and budget realities.
  • Technical skill necessary to understand and apply procedures, requirements, regulations and policies, and to make sound resource decisions.
  • Analytical and research abilities to frame problems, synthesize issues, formulate solutions, and recommend courses of action.
Externally Networking
  • Skill in influencing and negotiating with people at all levels including civic leaders, Joint Staff, OSD, Inter-Agency, Congress, and White House.
  • Diplomacy, political awareness, international savvy, and negotiating skills necessary to partner with foreign navies and governments.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to communicate extemporaneously to build networks and coalitions, and to accomplish missions.
  • Skill in preparing and delivering quality oral presentations and written communications to demonstrate expertise and persuade others to accomplish objectives.
  • Capacity to build and sustain effective networks through use of information technology.
  • Knowledge of how and who to ask for the capabilities of other Services and Agencies as part of joint operations and warfare.
Integrating Results
  • Skill in employing force to achieve Joint, Coalition, and Interagency objectives and missions.
  • Knowledge of command and control, roles, doctrines, missions, and capabilities of Joint and Coalition Forces to conduct operational planning and execution in a complex environment.
  • Resilience and flexibility to deal effectively with change, to focus on objectives under pressure, and to recover quickly from setbacks.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment, perception, adaptiveness, and common sense necessary to integrate priorities and eliminate irrelevant information.
  • Skill in measuring readiness and operational effectiveness to achieve and sustain Joint Operational Excellence.
  • Ability to effectively advocate the use of Naval Forces and sea power within and outside the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Understanding the structures and organizations of other Services so that you can grasp how or why joint decisions might be made.
  • Ability to integrate practices and rules of each Service to overcome cultural and operational differences and achieve joint objectives.
Accomplishing Mission
  • Ability to exercise responsibility, good judgment, authority, and accountability in all aspects of this billet.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective controls which ensure the integrity of the command/organization while holding yourself and others accountable for rules and regulations.
  • Proficiency in problem solving and continuous improvement techniques and processes to achieve concise and powerful results.
  • Ability to create operational and work environments where decisiveness and risk management will optimize outcomes and force effectiveness.
  • Skill in fully integrating naval forces into the joint team to maximize our advantages with dominant, precise, and persistent power.
  • Ability to provide combatant commanders with flexible, agile, and capable naval forces for today’s dynamic and uncertain strategic environment.


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