Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A few action verbs here - failed, violated, not authorized, destroyed. One of those cases where being a "man of inaction" might not be a good thing.

CO failed to meet the pilot proficiency requirements — at least 10 flight hours per month — for five of the six months preceding the crash.

CO violated crew rest requirements.

CO failed to exercise sound and reasonable judgment and through his negligence he destroyed the aircraft and put the crew in unnecessary danger.

CO violated NATOPS rules by signing for an aircraft he was not authorized to fly. CO was not authorized to sign for the aircraft because his name was not in the maintenance database. But, he told the crew: “No question here. I am the CO and this is my aircraft.”

CO, as pilot in command failed to run through the landing checklist at 500 feet.

VPU-1 flies a specialized version of the recon plane, the P-3 “REEF POINT,” which includes additional long-range cameras and electro-optical sensors.

Extracts above from NAVY TIMES.

After he was relieved of command, the CO was assigned to Joint Special Operations Command, Aviation Tactics Evaluation Group, at Fort Bragg, N.C., Navy records show. Presumably he was assigned to the Tactics Evaluation Group to tell them how he would do it, so they could indicate in their tactics that 'his way is the wrong way.'

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