Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Personnel Policies

Sailors are the Navy's most important asset. When you are a leader, you realize that what you can accomplish is limited only by the small number of take charge Sailors you can personally tap and press into service. There are more problems than leaders. A competent Sailor who has been trained and inculcated is not a trivial organizational asset. An extraordinary Sailor who can truly lead is nearly invaluable.

At the same time, if the Navy's personnel policies start to turn Sailors off, remember that, despite the conventional wisdom, you never lose the deadwood first. At first blush it seems you will, because your good Sailors are motivated, involved and interested in the Navy, while the deadwood had been thinking about leaving anyway.

RADM Dave Oliver in LEAD ON - A Practical Approach to Leadership

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Nutz said...

Does not matter how good you are at doing your job, if you don’t play in their sand box the "right" way... if you are not the chosen one then you are DOOOMED at least that is my perspective on the naval aviation community.

Stick to your guns don’t be a bobble head (officers are paid to think and make tough decisions), it does not matter what the leaders think about you personally as long as you do your job in a professional manner and take care of those who you are responsible for IE your sailors!