Saturday, November 24, 2012

You gotta have a plan

In the Navy's Command Excellence study, superior commands were distinguished from others in part by several of the following planning characteristics:
  • Planning is a regularly scheduled activity. Besides planning for special events, planning may be scheduled weekly for tracking progress toward goals. 
  • Planning occurs at all levels. Commands, departments, divisions, and work centers plan.
  • Planning is long range. A work center may have a monthly long-range planning meeting in addition to weekly short-range operational planning sessions.
  • Plans are specific. Plans are documented with milestone charts and a matrix showing who is responsible and when tasks are due.
  • Plans are publicized. Plans are not the private information of leaders but are published in the Plan of the Day (POD), posted on bulkheads, and explained at quarters.
  • Systems are put in place to implement plans. Routine tasks and operations are standardized with someone in charge of the process.
  • The Command makes every effort to stick to the plan. Plans are taken seriously. Though circumstances may require it to change, considerable effort is put into abiding by the plan.

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DCN said...

Nice to see us focusing on learning from what works for a change.