Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twenty three and twenty four

Two commanding officers have been fired for misconduct in unrelated incidents, the Navy announced on Monday.
Capt. Ted Williams, CO of the amphibious command ship USS MOUNT WHITNEY, and Cmdr. Ray Hartman, CO of the amphibious dock-landing ship USS FORT MCHENRY, were both fired by 6th Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Frank Pandolfe.
Williams was temporarily reassigned to 6th Fleet staff and Capt. Craig Clapperton took command of the Gaeta, Italy-based ship.
Hartman was sent to Destroyer Squadron 60 staff and Cmdr. Eric Kellum assumed command of the Little Creek, Va.-based LSD.
In both instances, 6th Fleet cited “allegations of misconduct” as the reason for the firings, but did not elaborate on the nature of the accusations.

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