Thursday, November 29, 2012

MCPON "zeroing in on excellence"

At our Leadership Mess Symposium in September, I mentioned that my refrain as MCPON will be Zeroing in on Excellence.  For me, that is about solidifying our lines of operation with three fundamental focus areas:
  • Developing Leaders
  • Good Order and Discipline
  • Controlling What We Own
Zeroing in on Excellence is a universal theme we can all apply in our respective positions.  It does not distract from or add to existing individual roles and responsibilities – it provides a sturdy framework around which we can build sound, durable readiness.  Each of you has your own professional obligations, and your sustained success in meeting them is a large reason our Navy is the world’s preeminent maritime force.  I simply ask that as you carry out the business of leading Sailors, you do so not only with energy aimed at accomplishing a stand-alone task but also at building an environment where our entire organization gets stronger.

MCPON Mike Stevens

Check out the MCPON's post on the Official Blog of the United States Navy HERE.


Jim Murphy said...

Mike, you know I've been critical of past initiatives from previous MCPONs and others. Since this is a new initiative and important (either positively or negatively) to the CPO Mess and the Navy, Zeroing in on Excellence is the topic of my next column. With any luck, the December issue of Proceedings will be available tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

And, he's a big fan of "Anchor Up".

Anonymous CPO said...

Just as long as the new MCPON sh*tcans the phase "Anchor Up"

Jim Murphy said...

Here's my column discussing Zeroing in on Excellence -

Anonymous said...

O27Captain Lambert,

It is refreshing to me to hear MCPON Stevens saying what he did, I realize that the MCPON is more or less a mouthpiece for CNO and other Navy brass, but in the past such things as diversity and being a global force for good seemed to have been the goal, now warfighting and leadership have come to the forefront. The Navy should be first of all a combat ready organization, I may be wrong but I do not know of any Navy battles that diversity was the winning factor, or if the main battery on a Navy ship was trained in your direction I hardly feel that you would look at that as a force for good.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Hodně zdravi Michael Stevens. Miluše