Monday, December 20, 2010

Excellence as the standard

"Admiral Rickover was the genius that gave a generation of naval officers the idea that excellence was the standard."

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

It is my duty and obligation to point out that Admiral Rickover gave more than a generation of officers a standard of excellence, he gave close to two generations of officers that same standard. Along with that he provided that same standard of excellence to probably ten times as many senior enlisted individuals in the Navy. Who do you suppose did the majority of the physical effort required to keep a reactor on line and operating safely? I think that without that inspiration there would have been times that we on those nuclear powered vessels would have been unable to fulfill our mission. Admiral Rickover's dedication to his program was the major factor in ending the Cold War. The Soviets knew that Rickover's fleet was always present, in good operating condition and fully capable of carrying out their assigned mission of continuing deterrent patrols as long as those patrols were necessary.

Very Respectfully,