Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Electronic Warfare SAVES Lives

“We have learned time and time again that EW saves lives. We need to develop the right technology; train our troops to use the capability; field the capability quickly; operate jointly; and stay ahead of the curve.  I know from my time as an electronic warfare officer in the Air Force how important EW capabilities are to our troops.  And our Armed Forces use the electromagnetic spectrum now more than ever.  The Electronic Warfare Working Group aims to strengthen EW capabilities and assets to maintain the highest level of military readiness today and into the future, and this amendment will help in that effort.

“To stay ahead of the curve, we need a plan.  We need a strategy.  And Congress needs to know and understand how the Defense Department is ensuring the future of our EW capability.  I applaud the Armed Services Committee for accepting this amendment.  It will lead to a strategic advantage for our troops in the field.”

Congressman Joe Pitts

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