Thursday, October 31, 2013

A short quiz

If you find yourself wondering how you rate as a Naval officer/leader, the following quiz should provide some clues.  
  • Are you confident? You need to be comfortable making decisions based on your skill, knowledge and experience.
  • Are you visible? Circulating through the command makes you seem more approachable, increases your familiarity with your Sailors and encourages them to be more productive. 
  • Are you a good listener? Sailors love to be heard. 
  • Are you honest? Your success depends on whether your Sailors can trust your word. 
  • Are you interested? Asking questions not only increases your knowledge, but it also shows you care. 
  • Are you genuine? If you are a decent person, simply being yourself is the best way to gain trust. 
  • Are you generous? Sharing credit for your success builds loyalty. 
  • Are you consistent? Don't be a tyrant one day and a pushover the next. Flip-flopping between styles confuses Sailors. 
  • Are you responsible? No one respects a CO who blames others when something goes wrong. 
  • Are you compassionate? Sailors appreciate knowing they can go to their Skipper (and chain of command) if they have a problem.

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