Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For my friends participating in the TENTH FLEET VTCs

More from my friend Jeff Bacon HERE.


Anonymous said...

Best one yet was JO who thought he was off screen and dragged is cereal bowl into view after he was done reporting. Most important meal of the day but the VADM doesnt want to watch the event.

Unknown said...


IWBC just had a VTC with VADM Rogers today. This marks the fifth one this year, not including where he came into the classroom. Because of what is going on in Washington, yesterday we reached out to his staff and said that we can certainly understand if IWBC was preempted from tomorrow’s scheduled VTC. The Admiral said we are still on. Then later in the day we learned the classified network we use for the VTC was being secured. Again we reached out to his staff and said we were unable to do the VTC. The Admiral again said, find another way – even if it is a conference call. So we ended up having today’s VTC via the NIPRnet (first time). With all that is going on he still gave the class a full hour - as he normally does.

Some of the highlights include:

- Have honest conversation with your boss. They expected it! Be respectfully, but tell them what you think.

- Whether it is your faith, your family or your friends, you need a support system. Do not forget them! One day your career in the Navy will end and you will need them. Take care of those you love.

- Do not burn yourself out. No one can operate a 110% all the time. I need you do give a 100% each day and sometimes I will ask you to give 110%.

- Be technically proficient

- Know the BIG picture and learn how to apply Cyber, EW and SIGINT to the problem set.

- Have an honest conversation with the detailer.