Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Self-regulating culture

As Commanding Officer, you want to establish a "self-regulating" culture at your command where your Sailors are answering your questions before you ask them and they are building trusting relationships between the Chiefs mess, wardroom and your Whitehats.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I like these few words that you posted in this particular instance, it is the essence of what the Navy people at one time consisted of, we knew our place when we were a Seaman Second Class and had little if nothing to contribute to the Navy but as we continued to learn and advance in the Navy we found that we were more trusted because of our work and effort to support our Navy, our Ship and our Country. I was fortunate enough to spend 24 years amongst Sailors that in general believed that trusting relationships between Shipmates, both senior and junior, was the key to operating efficiently on any Navy ship.

Very Respectfully,

HMS Defiant said...

I agree. That was what I found. Once you knew them, they stayed true. They were consistently reliable. It made working together so much easier.