Friday, November 1, 2013

Breaking news...cyber security accountability

Every person with access to a keyboard is an operator in the cyber domain. Therefore, the security and protection of cyberspace and cyber capabilities require all hands––active and Reserve, civilian and contractor––to operate smartly online and follow established policies and regulations. 

The standards of accountability for the cyber domain are the same as all other warfighting domains, and in step with the Navy’s long tradition of holding all hands responsible for their actions. Indeed, commanders are responsible for enforcing cyber security measures and will be held accountable for breeches and security violations. 

From the N2/N6 Information Dominance News Clips


Anonymous said...

Who is the commander at NSA/NIOC Hawaii that will be held accountable for Snowden?

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

Concur with the N2/N6 notice, but will we actually fire or discipline someone that blatantly disregards cyber security? If someone gets onto your ship due to ATFP failures people would be disciplined, but if you don't install a security update on your network...crickets?

Anonymous said...

The cyber approach. Create one fully integrated interoperable end to end network and force everyone on to it and then whine and bitch endlessly when it discovers that the entire thing is only as strong as its weakest link. Get in anywhere and get everything on the network.

Makes you wonder what moron thought that was going to work.