Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 50 Thinker - Top 10 Leadership Thinker

How does one become a peer recognized leadership thinker?  It doesn't happen by accident, I can promise you that.  Several years ago I read Liz Wiseman's book MULTIPLIERS - How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter and thought to myself "Liz Wiseman belongs on the Thinkers50 list."  Then, I told Liz that I thought she belonged on the list.  Together with Liz, we provided her excellent book to people in the IDC we thought were leading thinkers and doers - Commanding Officers.  A few of them actually read the book and took some of the lessons to heart and practiced them.  Some are still hard at it today but, only a few.

Quite honestly, most did not bother with the book or try to learn anything new.  Many in senior Navy leadership positions believe that, because the Navy has placed them in leadership positions, they have arrived and have nothing more to learn.  Admiral Vern Clark put it into my head in 2000 that I would have to devote myself to lifelong learning and so I have.  I make a point to learn every day.  And, I try to improve my learning by doing a little teaching as well.

Liz has taught around the world, including the Senior Leadership Seminar at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Teaching others is how Liz Wiseman became a Thinkers50 - Top 10 Leadership Thinker.  She shares her considerable experience and knowledge with others at every opportunity.  And, in that sharing, she has become known around the world for helping everyone around her become smarter.  She has truly brought out the genius in so many people.  Congratulations Liz!


IDCSLS Attendee said...

Liz did a great job at Monterey with this Mike. It was well worth our time.

My kids' Mom said...

How fantastic! Congratulations to Liz! I love her book and have used concepts from it in my own teaching here in Sweden. I just wish that more leaders would read it, take it to heart and learn.



Liz said...

Thank you Mike. You are clearly in the Most Thoughtful People category! Thank you for infusing new ideas into the Navy and sharing the Multipliers ideas with your colleagues.