Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MCPON is done..and I am not happy about it !

"Early in his tour, it was very clear that his intent was to reset the chief's mess and return its members to the role of deckplate leadership. Watching that happen aboard our ships and shore stations has made our Navy stronger and inspired our Sailors. MCPON Campa's energy and passionate commitment to our Sailors and their families is infectious, and it has swept across our entire navy. He is a Sailor's MCPON, a MCPON who changed the Navy based on his love of leading Sailors."
Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations

The departure will make Campa, at two years and five months in office, the shortest-serving MCPON in the 41-year history of the job. What's up with that ??

Anchor Up Chiefs - RESET The Mess - PROCEEDINGS Article by Captain Mike Lambert

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Anonymous said...

After enlistment in the Navy and learning your service number, what the chain of command was and following the chain of command was one of the next things impressed upon Sailors. That is part of the foundation of the Navy and should have always been. It only takes one individual to change Navy tradition to the point that it has great difficulty in maintaining that foundation. That man unfortunately, in my opinion was ADM Elmo Zumwalt, his ideas of improving the Navy went against traditional Naval thinking. He held meetings with enlisted men like they were PTA meetings and enlisted Sailors could air their gripes at any time they desired. The ADM would generate Z-Grams as they came to his mind and most of these Z-Grams liberalized Navy Policy and in many cases reduced the effectiveness of Navy leadership. Sailors were allowed to wear dungarees to go on the beach, Sailors could go unshaven and just state they were growing a beard. There were many policy changes that were made effective immediately when a Z-Gram was received. A number of these Z-Grams were sent out to remove the chicken regulations as the ADM called them. The enlistment rate and morale improved, supposedly, but leadership and the chain of command suffered and is probably still suffering. The Chief Petty Officers leadership and authority was lessened by one CNO and even though that was 40 years ago, it is extremely difficult to make up that deficit. But as MPCON has asserted we must reset the CPO mess.

Very Respectfully,