Saturday, January 23, 2021

Professionalism of our cryptologic force

The professionalism of our force is built upon mastery of a core set of skills that every cryptologic professional must possess. It all starts with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of cryptology, and a requirement that our professionals think clearly, and convey their analysis and assessments just as clearly to our Navy and our nation's decision-makers.

Here I am sitting at a position at NSGA Misawa, Japan more than 40 years ago.

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HMS Defiant said...

Every traitor builds a bondfire. Most of them didn't creep into the darkness unobserved. Most went leaving a trail of slime even their wives could see. Let us prevent Snowdens and the rest of that ilk by actually having a worthwhile counterspy outfit. The 3 letter agencies proved their utter worthlessness. It might be time to try something else. How about direct personal observation?

Just wondering. Let's treat all our guardians of most secret like criminals?

Yeah, it's a painful nut to crack. glad I don't do it anymore.