Saturday, January 9, 2021

10 Reasons I'm Bringing My Blog Back to Life in 2021

In the past, my blog allowed me to:

1.  Engage with a wonderful author (Liz Wiseman) and to write the Chapter 1 opening vignette for a Wall Street Journal/Amazon best-selling business book.  Dr. Stephen Covey and Bono 'opened' for me.
2.  Help a Pulitzer prize winning author with research for his story on The SeaWitch in TIME magazine.
3.  Remain connected to the Navy's cryptologic community, which I love.
4.  Be invited to speak at a Women In Defense forum and to contribute ideas to numerous professional publications.
5.  Give others the freedom to freely express their frustrations on a variety of topics important to them. 
6.  Expand the network of Sailors of all paygrades that I mentor and with whom I share lessons learned.
7.  Collaborate with the former CNO on avenues to gain recognition of the Navy as a TOP 50 Employer in the United States.
8.  Keep alive the memory of some stellar Sailors.
9.  Write everyday, which I love.
10.  Stay connected to some great Navy veterans and many others who proudly serve today.

6 comments: said...

9 and 10 would seem to be the most important reasons. As a blogger myself, I'm delighted for you and for your readers that you are bringing your blog back to life this year! Many good wishes.

Från Glam till Damm said...


I have really missed your blog posts on a regular basis.

Welcome back to the blog world!

Kind regards,


HMS Defiant said...

I'm delighted to see that you are pressing on full speed with your blog. I look forward to reading what you write and the comments of course.

Joeybnavy said...

I will for sure be reading. Thank you for staying connected and continuing to provide mentorshio, guidance and thought provoking articles to the CW community.

seanheritage said...

Great to have you back! Looking forward to learning more from you.

Coach Roy said...

Good to see you back - we've always welcomed your thoughts on the Navy Cryptologic Veterans Social Media Pages, and seeing your "musings" return is good news.

You may even hear from people you thought disappeared long ago.