Friday, January 31, 2014

Some readers have suggested that I have a bias toward NIOC Yokosuka

They are 100% correct.

And, so I say:

Congratulations to CTT1(IDW/SW) Shayne Franklin for his selection as 1 of 5 Finalists for the Fleet Cyber Command (FCC)/Navy Cyber Force (NCF) Shore Sailor of the Year.
Congratulations to CTMC(IDW/SS) Adam Birkholz, the NIOC Yokosuka 2014 nominee for the NCVA Award for Cryptologic Support Excellence (ACSE).

Congratulations to CTRC(IDW/NAC/PJ) Alexander Ollison, the NIOC Yokosuka 2014 nominee for the On-the-Roof Gang (OTRG) Award.
Best of luck Shipmates.  You are already winners and carry forward the legacy of the fine NSGD Yokosuka and NSGA Yokosuka Sailors who served there before you.

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