Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wiser words may not have been spoken by an Admiral is a long, long time.

" is time to think ahead."

Admiral James R. Stavridis

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Anonymous said...

This construct makes more sense than the current rice bowl construction projects going on around DoD.

HMS Defiant said...

thanks admiral but we already have one of those cyber war machines and 1 is enough.

Kevin said...

While I’m a huge fan of the USAF (plenty of USAF NCO still running through my veins) I’m not sure the Billy Mitchell/independent air force model is one on which we would want to base a new cyber service. We did arrive at an independent air force in 1947, but every other service maintains its own aviation corps because parochialism prevented, and continues to, them from allowing a separate branch to provide their aviation services. While the other services rely mainly on the USAF for heavy airlift and heavy tankers, they maintain their own tactical flying capabilities.

What indication is there that the services would treat cyber capabilities/requirements any differently? Short of legislation that prevents services from creating redundant forces/capabilities, it will in all likelihood happen. Also, consider the considerable cyber capabilities external to the DoD. What will be required to pull their cyber capabilities/personnel into the fold of a single cyber force?

I am not saying this cannot be done if, in the final analysis, it’s the right course. I’m saying it will require a genuine revolution in military affairs – political, social, technological, organizational, and doctrinal.