Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How are we doing as a cryptologic community?

Some of the key concepts in workforce engagement that are included in the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence include:
  • How do our senior leaders communicate with and engage the entire community? How do they encourage frank, two-way conversation? When did you receive the last community-wide message from the leadership?
  • How do you determine key elements that affect community engagement for different community groups and segments?
  • How do you ensure that your organizational culture benefits from the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of our community?
  • How does your learning and development system support the organization’s needs and the personal development of our community members?
  • How do you manage effective career progression for our community members?
  • How do you analyze key command performance results to identify opportunities for improvement in both community engagement and command mission accomplishment?
How are we doing Shipmates?


Anonymous said...

I'll address this one:

"How do our senior leaders communicate with and engage the entire community? How do they encourage frank, two-way conversation? When did you receive the last community-wide message from the leadership?"

Short answer is, they don't. While we see regular communication from the IDC lead, I have yet to see a community focused communique from VADM Rogers, or any of our Flag Officers. As far as frank, two-way conversations, if they don't even talk to us, how could they encourage such action.

This HAS to change. In this current era of mass media and electronic communications this should be easy so I'm honestly not sure why it isn't happening. The community needs some direction from the top day. Why isn't this happening?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @ 6:01.

I want to ask the ADM why E-5 and below have to live in the barracks!

Or perhaps we could all just use our chain of command.

Anonymous said...

You need them to tell you how to do your jobs, pat you on the back for your efforts, tell you what a great job you're doing? You need continuous constant validation?

I guess I missed out on all that. Comes of being a disadvantaged user and everything. No internet, no siprnet, no jWICS. OH Woe is me.

Say, Mike, are the robots and web crawlers getting more sophisticated, or do I really need to enter 11 random digits to prove I'm no machine? You couldn't get by with say 3?

Anonymous said...


I guess neither of you have been in an organization where the leadership projects their vision, outlines their goals, and allows for feedback or questions. Ever been to a Captain's Call? How about an Admiral's Call? Have you ever read a community communique? This is how functional communities function, with guidance from the top down. I'm not talking about asking silly questions that can be sent up the chain of command. I'm talking strategic vision and the way ahead. This can and should be done, regardless of your antiquated view of things.

Anonymous said...

Shipmate Mike

When you get right down to it, none of this is your concern.

Gary Olivi said...

I beg to differ with Anon @6:49. This is Captain Lambert's concern. It should be a concern for anyone who cares about our community, retired or active duty. I have relied on folks similar to Captain Lambert for mentoring and guidance. While I have not ever met Captain Lambert, almost all of my mentoring has been from retired Navy Sailors from his time period. These have been almost the only group of individuals since I was an Ensign who have really had honest and frank mentoring sessions with me, took time to teach me cryptologic warfare, given me guidance and tried to help explain to me some of these questions that get posted on this blog.

While I may not always agree or like what I hear, I am forever thankful there is a group of "old school" folks from the Officer and Enlisted communities who have offered up their time to me without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that those complaining are either not paying attention or are not hearing what they want to hear. Please wake up. The cryptologic community is no more. The trip started well before we lost our designator (161x) and continues today. We're evolving. You may not like it but the fact remains that cryptologists have become part of a nascent IDC . If you seek guidance and want to see our tentative way ahead track down the ID Roadmap 2013-2028.

Mike Lambert said...

Anon @ 1:27PM

"The cryptologic community is no more." Take a look at the Cryptologic Community Foundational Principles signed by the 9 Flag level leaders of our community.

I believe every NIOC CO was asked to share the principles with all the members of their command. I can't confirm that was done but I can't imagine a CO not complying with the Community Leader's direction.