Monday, April 5, 2010

Stars, eagles and oak leafs aligning

RADM Ned Deets to NNWC to relieve VADM Denby Starling and RADM Tom Meek to CYBERFORCOM to relieve VADM Denby Starling (14 May)

Captain Joe Boogren to NPC-47 to relieve Captain Willie L. Metts.


Captain Command

Captain Steve Parode to NIOC Suitland for Captain Diane Gronewold.

Captain Jeff Cole to NIOC Hawaii for Captain Jim Hagy.

Captain John Post to NIOC Georgia for Captain Michael Fisher

Commander Command

Commander Sean Heritage to NIOC Pensacola for Commander Frank Shaul.

Commander Tyrone Ward to NIOC Misawa for Commander Ken Weeks.

Commander Joe Pugh to NIOC Whidbey for Commander Bill Dodge.

Commander to Doug Shelb NIOC Sugar Grove for Commander Chris Chrislip.

Commander Jeff Scheidt to NIOC Bahrain for Commander Danny Noles.


Anonymous said...

These lists don't match... wonder why?

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

One lists where they are at; the other lists where they are headed.

Anonymous said...

Anon's talking about the names on the respective lists.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Slattery was missing. I think her command assignment is yet to be determined.

Anonymous said...

I believe Slattery turned down command and Scheidt must have been an alternate in her place. Come to think of it Noles wasn't on the original list either. I wish someone would explain the mystery that was last year's command screen board?