Monday, April 26, 2010

On our way...

to a full month without a single report about a Navy Commanding Officer or senior leader being fired. Great news!

I wonder what effect the national reporting on the firing of Captain Holly A. Graf, former CO of USS COWPENS, had on the behavior of our COs (and our willingness to report their firing)?

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully the H.A.G is gone. I hope when our young (Mids, DHs, some JR enlisted and a few senior enlisted) see what happened with that woman's career. Perhaps they'll learn what NOT to do when writing evals, making on the spot corrections and invoking counseling sessions in private.

Holly just wrote a textbook of how not to behave as a commanding officer most recently. Our future senior officers and Chiefs, just took a lesson from this.

Yes Sir, she's done!
One of the few officers whom I absolutely couldn't stand.

For the future sailors welfare, I'm glad she's gone.