Friday, April 9, 2010

Cryptologic Technicians Awarded BRONZE STAR medals in Global War on Terror

Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician Technical (SW) James Misner

Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician (Technical) (SW/AW) Peer Tuckson

Cryptologic Technician Collection 1st Class Brian D. Sims

Cryptologic Technician Collection 1st Class Ismael Jimenez

Cryptologic Technician Maintenance 3rd Class Matthew O'Bryant

Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician (Technical) Terry L. Thomas

If you know of others, please add their names as a comment.


Anonymous said...

Had to be awarded by the U.S. Army...the Navy does not award E6s Bronze Stars...Which I think is BS!

Anonymous said...

CTM3 O'Bryant's Bronze Star was awarded posthumously.

~Squid said...

The Navy DOES award E-6's Bronze Stars.

Any award of and MSM or higher (which would include a BSM) recommended or awarded by any other branch to a Sailor requires CNO concurrence prior to presentation of the award. So I would say THAT qualifies as a Navy award.

Big Navy policy for awarding the BS reads:
The Navy requires meritorious service in a combat zone of the level equivalent to the Navy Meritorious Service Medal (MM) AND personal exposure to hostile action. The Director Navy Staff signed a memo 2 March 2007 stating “Navy's interpretation of the warfighting intent of the Bronze Star has always included a requirement for personal exposure to hostile action. However, in today's complex combat environment, our Awards must also give credit to those who are exposed to significant risk of hostile action.”

As of 11 April 2007, the Navy had awarded 1,922 Bronze Star Medals since 9/11/2001. However, only 96 were presented to Sailors below the paygrade of E-7.

Anonymous said...

"only 96 were presented to Sailors below the paygrade of E-7."

The Navy does not award it's people like the Army and the USAF. It's not uncommon to see a E-6 or E-5 in the USA/USAF with a MSM. It is VERY rare to see anyone below a MCPO or CDR wearing a MSM in the Navy.

MND-B OIC (Tiny) Johnson said...

CTT1(SW) Christian Lear - JCCS-1
CTR1(SS) Antonio Meyer - JCCS-1

Both were outstanding representatives of the Navy! The latter performed in a Department Head role, serving as a BDE Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO).

Hoo-yah Navy, show the Army how the Navy produces leaders!

Anonymous said...

CTTCS(SW/AW) Anthony Grohs. For service as S2 LCPO, NPDB II Camp Bucca Iraq. Great working for him, he deserved it!.

Anonymous said...

CTI2 Benjamin Musson, for service with an OIF Joint Task Force in 2007.