Thursday, April 8, 2010

Admiral Hyman Rickover - Owning a job

When doing a job—any job—one must feel that he owns it, and act as though he will remain in the job forever. He must look after his work just as conscientiously, as though it were his own business and his own money. If he feels he is only a temporary custodian, or that the job is just a stepping stone to a higher position, his actions will not take into account the long-term interests of the organization.

His lack of commitment to the present job will be perceived by those who work for him, and they, likewise, will tend not to care. Too many spend their entire working lives looking for their next job. When one feels he owns his present job and acts that way, he need have no concern about his next job.

In accepting responsibility for a job, a person must get directly involved. Every manager has a personal responsibility not only to find problems but to correct them. This responsibility comes before all other obligations, before personal ambition or comfort.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

ADM Hyman Rickover was indeed a man who owned his job. He defied anyone to mess with his domain and he ruled it with an iron fist. He personally selected and approved every Nuclear Propulsion Engineer on any SSBN or SSN while he was in charge of that program. I am unaware of his handling of other nuclear powered vessels. He felt it was his personal responsibility to conduct all nuclear inspections on the nuclear submarine fleet. He was a man who did his own work and demanded that everyone on the boats did their work.

He is long gone now and he still has my foul weather jacket, may he rest in peace though, he deserves it. I am not a nuc but it was my privilege to serve on the nuclear powered Submarine USS Tecumseh (SSBN 628) for 7 deterrent patrols.

Very Respectfully,