Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never at a loss

I have never found Sailors to be at a loss. Tell them to do anything that is not impossible and you can depend on them to get it done. Their manner of life creates in them a complete self-reliance which you seldom find in other men.

The Duke of Wellington


Anonymous said...

And an aristocrat from the 1800's British Empire applies to the USN of today how?

stephen said...

He was regarded as absolutely un-shakeable in combat.

The "Iron Duke" was one of the great masters of the ironic turn of speech as evidenced by Locksley's Leg. The Duke and the Col. were observing a battle from horseback when a cannonball took off the Col.'s leg.

"By God, they took off my leg!" said the Col.

"By God, Sir, so they have!" stated the Duke.

Absolutely un-shakeable

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I guess learning that Sh*t makes you a good "officer" or possibly makes for good conversation in the weirdroom while a young seaman is serving you coffee.

Anonymous said...


With all your valuable insight as to what the traditional Navy is made up of, you would no doubt be an asset to the Russian Navy or some other service such as that. I do not have the phone number of the Russian Embassy but I feel that you can easily google it.