Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Card and Letter Writing Month - April 2010

This is an annual national effort to promote literacy and celebrate the art of letter writing. The writing, sending and receiving of letters, postcards and greeting cards is a tradition that has preserved our nation’s history and changed lives. Unlike other forms of communications, card and letter writing is timeless, personal and immediately tangible.

Each and every day I try to prove (mostly to myself) that, even in the age of electronic communications and the Internet, the art of card and letter writing is still relevant and a tradition worth keeping.

Answer the letters you receive. It's courteous.


stephen said...

Dear Captain-

Yes, Crane Kid Finish paper and a fountain pen. Wonderful....

I have to get back to doing that.

General Quarters said...

For a completely civilized experience, a sheet of Rhodia dead ahead on the writing desk, a dry gin martini just off the port bow, but within easy reach, and a fully charged Pelikan ready for action.