Friday, April 9, 2010

Information Warfare Officer BRONZE STAR Medal Winners in the Global War on Terror

I know of three Information Warfare Officers who have earned the BRONZE STAR for their contributions to the Global War on Terror.

Captain Kevin Hooley

Commander Stone Davis

Lieutenant Commander Sherri Rene Mitchell (believed to be the first female Information Dominance Corps officer to be awarded the Bronze Star)

Lieutenant Commander Rob Damsky

Lieutenant Commander Andrew Thomas Reeves

CWO2 Michael S. Lester

If you know of others, please add their names as a comment.


Anonymous said...

I believe CAPT Stone Davis (1610) has been awarded the Bronze Star

NIOC Texas Sailor said...

I think Stone turned down his promotion to Captain. It wasn't worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

What does that mean, Not worth the trouble? Strange comment. The board decided to give him a billet. People don't turn down promotion because it's not worth the trouble...something happens. Often times, requests to retire after being selected for promotion are declinded. A CAPT billet is a big deal. I doubt he turned it down because it was too much trouble.

CTMCM Marcantel said...

LCDR Risa Simon (1630) in 2007.

Larry said...

I was Captain Hooley's leading R Brancher in 1973 when we shifted theatre's from the Gulf of Tonkin to the Indian Ocean. I am proud that his career and professional achievements took him to the current rank..He deserves the recognition. CTRC Damron (ret)

Anonymous said...

CAPT (1610) Mike Fisher (RET) for service in Iraq.