Thursday, April 1, 2010

The IDC/IW Leadership Lineup - 04 01 2010

1. VADM Jack Dorsett - 1630
Overarching Leader of the Information Dominance Corps - OPNAV N2/N6

2. RADM Ned Deets - 1610
Information Warfare Officer community leader - Vice Commander, NNWC

3. RADM Michael A. Brown - 1610
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications - Department of Homeland Security

4. RDML Mike S. Rogers - 1610
Joint Staff, J2 Director of Intelligence

5. RDML William Leigher -1610
Deputy Fleet Cyber Commander/Deputy Commander 10th Fleet

6. RDML (Sel) Sean Filipowski -1610
Director, Cyber, Sensors and Electronic Warfare OPNAV N2N6F3

7. Mr. Mark Neighbors - Former 1610
On assignment to the Defense Intelligence Agency

8. Mr. Jerome Rapin - Former 1610
Deputy Director - Cyber, Sensors and Electronic Warfare - OPNAV N2N6F3B

9. RDML (Sel) Jan Tighe - 1610 - PhD
Executive Assistant to Commander, U.S. Cyber Command

10. RDML (Sel) Willie Metts - 1610
NPC-47 division director, Information Operations and Intelligence Assignments


Anonymous said...

FYI - RADM Deets will be assigned as Commander, NNWC. CNO announced yesterday.

Anonymous said...

RDML Tom Kendziorski - NNWG Reserves

LCDR Bob Morrison said...

How did we get so many flag officers? NSG used to fight just to get two. Are there really jobs there or are they being cross-detailed as 1630, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Power hungry

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

RDML Mike Rogers gets promoted to RADM on 1 October 2010.