Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take care of people

Leaders should recognize not just the top performers but also the many others who are doing their jobs well, with good attitudes and a strong commitment to institutional goals.

Leaders should never ask subordinates to write their own personal evaluations or effectiveness reports; leaders should write their effective­ness reports or their personal evaluations and make sure that these are done with care and style.

Leaders should get up in the morning thanking people; at noontime they should thank more people; before going home at night, they should thank still more.

Thanking people is an important part of taking care of them because it's taking care of their psychological health.

Leaders should mentor outstanding subordinates while avoiding the pitfalls of cronyism.

They should follow Pierce Chapron's advice when he helps people: "He who receives a bene­fit should never forget it; he who bestows should never remember it."

Major General Perry M. Smith

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