Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Machine Signs Your Award

There has been much discussion over a very long period of time about the proliferation of military awards (i.e., USAF - lots of them, Army - many of them, Navy - some of them and USMC - none of them).

My recommended solution was that the award nominating authority be required to hand-write the award and the awarding authority be required to personally sign the award. Neither is ever going to happen. But, it sure would add to the value of the award.

My highest awards in 30 years of Navy service - a personal letter (hand-written) by the CNO (ADM Jay Johnson) and the many personal letters from the parents of my truly awesome Sailors.

As shameful as it sounds (and is), some of our Commanding Officers actually use rubber signature stamps to sign letters of commendation for our Sailors - incomprehensible and inexcusable.


Anonymous said...

i dont care who signs it. just give me one.

Anonymous said...

Rubber stamps?

I've got a fair number of machine signed awards from flag officers (are you certain that letter from CNO was personally signed?), seen some electronic image signatures for geedunk certificates,...but have NEVER, in 19 years, seen a rubber stamp for letters.

A rubber stamp, to make it look good, takes more time than a signature and costs more than the electronic image...

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

The letter itself has a handwritten note from the CNO.

Check with CTRC Mark Receveur on his "rubber-stamped" letters of commendation from his CO, NSGA Kunia in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I received the signed copy of, The Golden Ring, written by Chief Warrant Officer (W4), Wallace L. Exum, USN (retired). I have started to read this interesting novel about the experiences of a Sailor and his life in the Navy. Thank you very much, Captain.

Very Respectfully,

Cynical Synapse said...

I've not gotten any commendatory rubber stamps during my Army career. That's just stupid!

When I bought my last new car, the sales manager sent me a letter to personally thank me for choosing their dealership. He couldn't understand why I called him to complain about the rubber stamp signature. Then he had the gall to send me the same letter personally signed! They're not on the list for the next new car.