Friday, September 18, 2009

Anchor Up Shipmate

MCPON West shared some time-honored advice with the Navy's newest chief petty officers. "If I had just three words to say to our new (CPOs) as they pin on their anchors, it would be 'anchor up shipmate.' You hear story after story of successful personnel that at one point in their Navy career, had some chief petty officer step up and challenge them to be better every day; adding strength to our Navy. I would not want to see our Navy without chief petty officers. The chiefs are the movers and the shakers. The officers run the Navy. The chiefs make it run."

MCPON and I are on the same page. I take credit for coining this phrase ("ANCHOR UP") several years ago and it was published in my USNI PROCEEDINGS article "Anchor Up, Chiefs. Reset Your Mess".

From: West, Rick MCPON OPNAV, N00D
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009 8:54 PM
To: Mike Lambert
Subject: RE: Anchor Up, Chiefs !

Thanks for sharing. First I've seen of the article
and good to see we are sync'd.



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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

MCPON looks and speaks well for a Soldier. Is the poor idea of the camouflaged uniform, and the decision to rid the Sailors of the time honored uniform we once wore, the completion of the oft heard phrase “of iron ships and wooden men” ? This is not meant to demean MCPON West as he only does what he is ordered to do, as any good Sailor does.

Very Respectfully,