Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Sailors - true 44 years ago, true today

The rugged seagoing man is still of great importance in the Navy, and the need for officers and enlisted men armed with sophisticated knowledge is growing every day. Inevitably, as both ships and society change, our enlisted men are also changing. Always dependable, always competent, the new enlisted man retains these fine characteristics of his predecessors but, in addition, brings to the Navy an increasing amount of expertise and knowledge.

He is, inevitably, more demanding of his leadership, and never has the challenge to our officers been so great in this area as today. The educational difference between officer and petty officer may be much smaller than it once was, and as a result, both parties to the relationship must bring to bear great understanding and dedicated performance. High moral character, mental alertness, tolerance, and a broad understanding of our nation's position and problems are increasingly characteristic of our enlisted personnel. Working with these young Americans in a leadership position represents an extraordinary challenge in itself.

Rear Admiral James Calvert
The Naval Profession
- 1965

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