Friday, September 4, 2009

Disruptive Leadership - A Great Thing

VADM David "Jack" Dorsett (the Navy's Intelligence Officer) is a disruptive Navy leader. He's shaking things up. Don't believe me? Consider the changes he and the CNO (and their very capable staffs) are bringing about on the OPNAV staff and in the broader information dominance arena. Their merger of N2 (intelligence) and N6 (command, control, communication and computers), as well as their realignment of considerable resources (programs, $$$ and manpower), are excellent examples of his disruptive leadership through the careful integration of "N" codes which will certainly result in positive forward movement for the information dominance corps (intelligence, information warfare, information professions and others) and the Navy.

For the past two days, VADM Dorsett and many of the other OPNAV (NFOSES) Navy Flag officers and Senior Executive Service (SES) civilians have been meeting to sort out many of the details of the reorganization of elements of the OPNAV staff and stand-up activities for Fleet Cyber Command and COMTENTHFLT.

Stay tuned - more disruptive leadership to follow.

15 September 2009 -
VADM Jack Dorsett's NFOSES brief was distributed to all 1610 Captains and many CDRs, LCDRs and LTs via my IW e-mail distro right after Labor Day. If you need to be added (and are an IW officer), shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will put NNWC out of its misery; forever!!

Anonymous said...

Dorsett has been leaving a trail of destruction, fear and loathing in his wake for the better part of the last decade. This will be no different. You watch. It is disruptive, destructive, usually despicably carried out -- Dorsett trademarks.

mike said...

I can't say that I agree with you. VADM Jack Dorsett is intent on moving things forward. I think we will see a re-emergence of SIGINT and cryptology in this process. We'll have to wait and see. For my part, I am very pleased with his willingness to communicate with the Information Dominance Corps.