Monday, September 21, 2009

Navy Leadership 2.0 - more effort required

"Information-age leadership in the Navy is a daunting challenge. We need to examine how we're going to get this done properly and keep our Sailors (officer and enlisted) motivated at the same time. Sailors have a voracious, almost insatiable, need for information and we don't seem to be getting it to them. It's not a stovepipe issue; it's an effort issue. We have boundless opportunities and the technology to communicate with every one of them on so many levels and we're not getting the job done. More effort on the part of our Flag officers is essential. This has to change soon or we will be fully disconnected from the people we are trying hardest to reach - our followers."

Scuttlebutt from the Admiral in the passageway.
(You know who I'm talking about)

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