Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anchor Up, Chiefs! Reset the Mess

There's still time to get this done. Maintain steady strain on all lines.

"The tone of the ship, the tone of the service itself must come more directly from the Chief Petty Officers than from any other group of people in the Navy."
The Blue Jacket's Manual - 1918

"Chief Petty Officers are first and foremost desk plate leaders charged with developing Sailors and enforcing standards."
MCPON Joe Campa

"When a Chiefs' Mess is hitting on all cylinders, there is no better command, and when a Chiefs' Mess is not working well, there is nothing worse."
Admiral Mike Mullen

Anchor Up, Chiefs! Reset the Mess

As MCPON Rick West said when he assumed 'the office'
- "Anchor up, Chiefs - HOOYAH !"

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tired petty officer said...

I'm tired of hearing how great the chiefs are.