Sunday, September 30, 2018

Words of Wisdom from our Shipmate Commander Fred W. Kacher, former CO USS STOCKDALE

"Ethics is not a sometime thing. It is the small everyday decisions that, if handled badly, can erode your moral landscape.”

Commander Fred W. Kacher offers three tips that he has tried to follow in his career: 

do not ignore the little voice in your head, 

do your best in all things at all times, and 

be ready to do the right thing every day, 

because “you don’t get to choose when you’ll be tested.”

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HMS Defiant said...

Ah, but the difficulty lies in,
if I do this and it makes things better for us all
do I do this in order to maximize our utilization of the yard period
is 10 pounds of coffee in a tin worth an additional 200 gallons of lube oil

You see the question and it begs the answer. Never do it for yourself or for gain to you or to ease your way.

Where does ethics stop and responsible leadership begin?

Do you owe the men or do you owe the mission your best effort?

What is your best effort? Does it encompass a view that is, antithetical?

If, after doing X, is my unit more able to perform its mission or less able?

I suppose these could be ethical questions.

If the result is, "I should write a memo suggesting a larger optar budget, have I fulfilled my purpose?" is a valid question.