Thursday, September 13, 2018

Problems in the Chief Petty Officer Mess and the Navy, in general? A note from 71 years ago.

As the new Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) works to resolve problems in the Chiefs' Mess and across the Navy, I was reminded of this.
"Unless and until officers conduct themselves at all times as officers, it is useless to demand and hopeless to expect any improvement in the enlisted ranks.
Matters of correct attitude, personal conduct, and awareness of moral obligations do not lend themselves to control by a set of rules or to scientific analysis...Many methods of instruction and different approaches to teaching them will present themselves. Each naval officer must consider himself an instructor in these matters and the future tone of the naval service will depend on the sincerity which he brings to this task."
Admiral T. C. Kinkaid
United States Navy

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Aurelian1960 said...

Spend a few minutes over at the r/navy subreddit. I think we are screwed. Huge organizations like navies don't change from within. Change is forced upon them. And we know how that is usually done.