Friday, September 14, 2018

What Makes A Good Petty Officer? Admiral Arleigh A. Burke has a few ideas.

"Good Petty Officers know what their uniform, their Navy, and their flag stands for. They are proud members of the best fighting organization in the world. The United States Navy.

Good Petty Officers are concerned with their Sailors' individual welfare and their future. They pat their Sailors on the back when they do well, and give them hell when they need it. That way they make better Sailors and make progress. They teach their trade. They encourage. They inspire. They are consistent. They are competitive. Their outfit is the best. They assume responsibility. They give their Sailors responsibility. They pass the word. They create team spirit.

Good Petty Officers put their hearts and souls into their work. They radiate enthusiasm and spark. They know the Navy. They know their rates, and they genuinely appreciate what they know.

Good Petty Officers recognize that success comes from the effort of a larger number of people, not just one or two. The whole organization has to function well, not just a few members."
ADM Arleigh A. Burke

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HMS Defiant said...

Um, not so much. In fact, NO.

Good Petty Officers are skilled craftsmen who know everything about the tools of their trade and can trouble shoot and fix damned near anything if they just have the parts and the time. For all of me they can be surly curmudgeons who loath the ship and their fellow sailors but as long as they do their job and the duties assigned I'm more than pleased with them.
I know the admiral simply assumed that this was the true nature and role of Petty Officers and he was trying to hit the ball into the stands by making a pitch for a sailor that makes it easy to tolerate. It's important to know your job and be able to do it and execute it well when time is the only variable that matters and it needs to work right now.

and yeah, I knew a million Petty Officers.