Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm trying to imagine how your ISIC will react to your self-reporting of inappropriate materials discovered at your command



Anonymous said...

When thinking of the current SECNAV I can't help but think of Oliver Cromwell's plea,

"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

Anonymous said...


CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

The implication with this that I see:

Commanding Officers, Officers-in-Charge, Executive Officers, and Commissioned Officers in general no longer enjoy special trust and confidence.

Chief Petty Officers and Staff NCOs require constant supervision and persistent follow up.

The civilian workforce is not to be trusted either.

Sailors and Marines in general are nothihng more than drunks and rapists.

And yes, I do read Sal's Blog as well.

Anonymous said...

In my 35 years in the Navy as enlisted and officer I do not remember the need to have a directive to inform me of what was inappropriate,sexually,racially,or religiously disgusting or degrading to the human dignity of a man or woman. Hello, ZONE inspections!,Hello Staff daily meetings! Hello eval counseling! etc, etc. I Learned those values from my family, my Chiefs and senior officers. Our politically correct today's senior Navy is sorely lacking in character,leadership and backbone. They respond to what the Congress and the Washington Post dictates. The JCS leadership is shameful. The recent congressional hearing with all the military brass in dress uniform before congress is a case in point not that they did not deserve it. Accountability, Integrity dignity,honor or fire the damn Commanders (term used loosely). I am now going to have a double single malt scotch.

Anonymous said...

Let the FOIA requests begin.

HMS Defiant said...

This is no-brainer.
Are there any complaints currently?
Were there any complaints in past?
If answer is NO, your report is, NTR.

Manifestly, there is nothing unprofessional appearing in your command. Just as it should be.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it, let's restrict ship's movies to "G" rated only.

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

Hold the phone on this....

If the search was for pornographic or degrading materials, I would say "Yes, you SHOULD be embarrassed if you find these."

However, it goes on to say:

"If there is doubt as to whether material is degrading or offensive, the individual conducting the
inspection shall remove the material from the workplace to ensure a professional work environment."

How many memes are up in offices that someone could say might be questionable? What about WW2 posters that say "There is a man-sized job in the Navy for you" to recruit WAVES? Someone could easily say that toes the line, and have to remove it. Heck, someone could pictures of your kids/spouse are offensive because they imply you only prefer married people.

Offensive is such a broad brushstroke it's bound to find things.

Anonymous said...

At my command although we enjoy the history and tradition behind the WW II recruiting posters they were taken down.

In todays navy it is too easy for someone to say "I was offended but afraid to say something". So now we have only generic feel good posters with no connections to our past.

Was I in the decision process, yup and could not make a good argument to keep them up.

Was it cowardice on my part to not put my foot down and say this our lineage? Possibly, but I leave myself open for all sorts of reprisals. Because now any minor incident has the potential to ruin you and absolutley anything can be twisted to show you having poor judgement.


Anonymous said...

So take that nose art coffee table book home and lock it up.