Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Riders

That's what economists call a situation in which someone benefits from the entire community paying for something without contributing themselves.   Free riding may be considered a problem when it leads to under-provision of goods or services, or when it leads to overuse or degradation of a common property resource. (From wikipedia)

Are you a 'free rider' in the cryptologic/information warfare community or are you making a contribution?

Seth Godin is talking about free riders on his blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

"Free riding may be considered a problem when ....." Huh? When is freeriding NOT considered a problem?

Anonymous said...

Selection boards are usefull in detecting this activity.

Anonymous said...

i guess when you're the rider !!! ha ha

Anonymous said...

I am making a contribution.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a ride from time to time. But I also am willing to help others in the community.

My kids' Mom said...

Ha,ha,ha...Sweden is full of "free riders" being a socialist welfare state. I work and work and work and pay some of the highest taxes in the world to support people who don't. It is down right painful!

Great article!