Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rear Admiral Edward H. Deets III to retire

Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM), RADM Ned Deets has requested to retire from the Navy effective 1 October 2011.  His retirement ceremony will be held on 5 August 2011.  More details to follow from his executive assistant - Mr. Tim Bovill. 

Rear Admiral Deets is the leader of the Information Warfare and Cryptology community and a qualified Information Dominance Warfare officer (IDWO).  

His full bio is available HERE.

In March 2011, Vice Admiral Jack Dorsett announced the CNO's intent to disestablish NETWARCOM this summer.


Steve said...

Excuse the slow deterioration of an old cryppie's mind, but what takes up the NETWAR Command's baton? Is the CNO "desire" really the END of Navy cryptology, with the Intel desk finally subsuming signals intelligence? If so, it was a long, crafty competition - but now the old must make way for the new.
To the Inheritor of an incredibly successful heritage with small official renown in general, you take on a proud mantle of excellence that lived in shadows, burgeoned with genius, served at historical tipping points, and saved one hell of a lot of lives -- at the same time enabling decisions that won battles.
I look on from drydock and wish you well, Admiral Deets. Well done, Sir!
V/r, Steve Myers, CAPT, USN, ret.)

IWO said...

CAPT - The baton is with Fleet Cyber Command / TENTH Fleet since they formally stood up 01 OCT 11. It's almost NSG Command reincarnate, but now on par with strike. Today the Pentagon defined cyberspace as an operational domain. The Navy is headed in the right direction in this regard. The more traditional mission still resides within this construct as the NSGAs now NIOCs all fall under FCC/C10F.

Steve said...

Thanks for the feedback. IVO (also) yesterday's DoD revelation to the public that about 24K files had been hacked by (you enter a favorite noun), I hope the damage was insignificant and the aperture plugged swiftly.
BTW, fully understanding our Sea Service roots and missions, we ought not allow those same antecedents to re-birth cultural-doctrinaire service stovepipes that multiply costs and stifle agility and impact for the color of uniforms.

V/r, Steve

Anonymous said...

VADM Dorsett's approach to change was described to me by a senior Information Warfare Officer in this way: "While all the other guys were approaching change as 'eating the elephant one bite at a time', Jack Dorsett swallowed the transformation elephant (IW, IP, INTEL, METOC) whole and asked for dessert." She added, "The Navy of 2010 and beyond requires bold, decisive leaders with integrity, vision and purpose. The IDC ship has left the pier with VADM Dorsett at the helm. If you're not onboard and need/want to be, you'd better get in line for the COD.
Seating may be limited."